IxDA Limerick

User Experience: Anyone can do it. But that doesn’t mean they should.

October 13, 2010 7:00 PM.
Venue: Absolute Hotel, Limerick

Our guest in October will be Mark Congiusta. Mark has been a user experience advocate across many disciplines for over two decades. From architecture to product design to advertising to software development Mark has made it his mission in life to put users first and let the rest fall into place. He has worked for clients such as Audi, Bank of Ireland, Cisco Systems, FT.com, Guinness, Johnson & Johnson, Kohn Pedersen Fox Architects, Qwest Communications, Sony, the United Nations and the US National Institute on Aging. His talk is titled: User Experience: Anyone can do it. But that doesn’t mean they should. Synopsis: The problem with “user experience” is that everyone thinks they understand exactly what it means. That would be fine if they didn’t also try to *do* UX as well. Thinking that you know what users need and knowing what users need are two separate things, as is often demonstrated quite clearly in some of the products, services and interfaces that are foisted on the public in the name of “good” experience. We will look at how personal prejudice, misinformation and convenience can work to undermine the benefits that UX can bring to the table and how to combat these problematic mindsets.

Update: 10 attended.

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