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Guest speaker René Bohne FablabMaster of FabLab Aachen at RWT Aachen University

April 27, 2011 7:00 PM.
Venue: Absolute Hotel, Limerick

René Bohne is research assistant and PhD student at the Media Computing Group, a computer-science chair headed by Prof. Jan Borchers based in Aachen, Germany. His main research activities lay in the field of Personal Fabrication, FabLabs, and WearableComputing. He hosted the First German 3D-Printer Masterclass in February where participants built ten RepRap Prusa Mendel 3d-printers.  René was co-founder of www.cocktail-box.com – a company that builds automated cocktail mixing machines. Before that he worked for more than eight years as a software developer for embedded systems. René created the Arduino-compatible software for the luminet.cc wearable-computing platform.

René shares his thoughts frequently on Twitter @rene_bohne
The title of his talk will be “FabLabs and Personal Fabrication – the next digital revolution ” : FabLab Aachen is the only FabLab in Germany at the moment. Students, engineers, and creative people come to this place every week to build things and share their knowledge with the global FabLab network. Fabrication Laboratories are like copy-shops where people can use lasercutters and 3d-printers. The talk will also discuss Personal Fabrication: 3d-printing at home.

René will share his insights on the difficulties of opening and running a FabLab in Europe.

Update: 16 attended.

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