IxDA Limerick

“Nomadic Work/Life in the Knowledge Economy”

May 4, 2011 7:00 PM.
Venue: Absolute Hotel, Limerick

“Nomadic Work/Life in the Knowledge Economy: Insights for ICT practitioners and designers”

Researchers involved in the Nomadic Work/Life in the Knowledge Economy Project (http://nwl.ul.ie) will present topics of interest for ICT practitioners and designers that emerged from their research. The Nomadic Work/Life in the Knowledge Economy project focuses on the mobility of highly-skilled professionals (managers, scientists, engineers, consultants etc.) who work in information-intensive environments. In particular, the team examines how mobile work affects non-work activities, and how it correlates with technology-mediation and gender differences in the workplace.
The team members will present a brief overview of their research, in particular of the practical implications for design, work management, collaboration, etc

Breda Gray, “Alluring uncertainties:  Women and work/life in Ireland”

Lisa Wixted, “Living Creatively”

Luigina Ciolfi, “Mobility in time and place: how does technology fit in?”

Fabiano Pinatti, “On the move, in the air: the role of wireless technologies in nomadic work practices”

Update: 10 attended.

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