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Talk on Sustainable IxD and Food Sharing Practices

We’re starting the 2019-2020 series of IxDA meet-ups with a talk by Katie Berns on a highly relevant topic: Food Sharing Practices.

Speaker’s Bio

KatieKatie Berns is a PhD student at the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences at Stockholm University; her research is in Digital Civics and Sustainable Interaction Design with a focus on the design of ICT for civic participation and community-led initiatives within the domain of food system sustainability. Before joining Stockholm University she graduated with a BSc. in Digital Media Design at the University of Limerick in 2013. Katie became interested in food system sustainability while working in the restaurant industry in Vancouver, BC, after completing her degree and returned to Europe in 2015 to study an MSc. in Sustainable Design at Aalborg University CPH in Denmark.

Talk abstract
Katie will present her work surrounding the design of ICT for civic participation and community-led initiatives in food system sustainability with a link to the UN Sustainable Development Goal 12: Responsible Production and Consumption, which aims to halve per capita global food waste at retail and consumer levels and reduce food loss along production chains by 2030.
Katie’s research is at the intersection of digital civics, sustainability and collaborative communities where she explores the role interactive technologies can play to empower citizens to take an active role in food systems development/reform within their local communities. Currently, she is investigating the practices and dynamics of a community and grassroots initiative that takes a sharing non monetary approach to the issue of food surplus. Katie is a member of the COST Action network group ‘Sharing and Caring’ which examines the socio-technical aspects of the collaborative economy.

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