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Talk: The Hackable City

Date:25 June 2015, 7pmSUPPORTING LOGO 150dpi COLOUR

Venue: Abbey 3 Suite, Absolute Hotel

Talk abstract:

Increasingly we experience our cities through the interfaces of mobile and digital media. Where we go,
whom we meet, what we can expect at particular locations: its the algorithms of digital platforms like Facebook, TomTom, Google who help us navigate the city and coordinate our social lives. Convenient as this may be, it also leads to a number of important questions. The city has always been an interface that spatially organized our social lives. However, now that these interfaces are increasingly owned and organized by digital platforms, to what extent does the city remain an open system? How can we design for a ‘hackable’ city, a city whose digital platforms are open and can be appropriated by its citizens from the perspective of the common good?


Martijn de Waal is a researcher on Urban Media and Citizen Empowerment at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. He is also an assistent professor in media studies at the University of Amsterdam.
In 2007, together with Michiel de Lange he founded TheMobileCity.nl – a research group on digital media and urban culture and design. He is the author of The City as Interface. How Digital Media Are Changing the City. His current research project is called Hackable Metropolis Buiksloterham, it’s a research by design project that investigates the role of digital media in the process of citymaking.

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