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Talk: Crafting with Physical and Digital Materials: Hybrid Forms of Making in Theory and Practice

Date: Monday, 20 April 2015, 7 pm

Venue: FabLab Limerick, Rutland St., LimerickSUPPORTING LOGO 150dpi COLOUR


Dr. Connie Golsteijn is a research associate at University College London, within the Intel Collaborative Research Institute on Sustainable and Connected Cities (ICRI-Cities). Before joining UCL in April 2014, she completed a Microsoft-funded PhD in Human-Computer Interaction at the University of Surrey in Guildford, following a BSc and MSc degree in Industrial Design from Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands. This trajectory has enabled her to explore her design and research interests in making and crafting, materiality, combinations of physical and digital materials, and creating pleasurable and engaging experiences through technology.

Talk abstract:

In this talk Connie will address some of her work which explores hybrid craft and hybrid forms of making in theory and practice. Within her PhD research she interviewed crafters that worked with physical and digital materials, which enabled her to compare their practices and formulate theoretical insights on the differences and similarities of craft within these materiality realms. She subsequently explored how these realms may be integrated using interactive technology by developing and testing a hybrid craft toolkit called ‘Materialise’, enabling yet more empirically founded insights.

materialise-kit Connie Golsteijn

Materialise kit

The talk will further touch upon work she has done since finishing her PhD, which takes a practical approach to combining physical and digital materials in the creation of hybrid interactive systems that incorporate the best of both worlds. Physical interaction, for example, can draw people in and engage them in a fun way, while digital technology can be integrated to enable those functionalities we are used to from our computers and mobile phones. In her current work, Connie focusses on the creation of hybrid systems for opinion gathering and data visualisation. More information can be found on her website: www.conniegolsteijn.com.


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